Perfume Town

Well this is very exciting.  Our new and fresh website was born on 8/26/2014.

I should say re-born.  We’ve had a sad, old and inoperable website for years that was a black eye no matter how you looked at it.  No more!

Anyway, in the coming days and weeks we’re going to turn this into a full-fledged website.  Just you wait and watch.

We’re going to give you a lot of information about us, about our stores, about our products, about our services, about our upcoming plans, and about things we’re doing in our communities.

We’re also going to give you a voice.  Yes, you will be able to interact with us in blogs, in social media, and even in Youtube. We’re excited about this journey.  We hope you are too.

Check out our stores at Perfume Town Stores

You can see where we’re located below -


–Perfume Town team

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